Felix Strategier
20 sept 1950 - 17 march 2020

Felix Strategier
20 sept 1950 - 17 march 2020

Felix Signeurt

Felix is no longer with us.

Some ten years ago, Felix asked me if I wanted to make drawings for a children's book that he wanted to write. It became quite an adventure.
The writing and drawing went very well. It turned out to be a wonderful story to add illustrations to. However, finding a publisher was considerably more difficult.
When Felix became ill and the book threatened to remain unpublished on the shelf, the plan arose to publish it on the Internet. As a feuilleton, because I still had to make the lion's share of the drawings. Then at least it exists, and you never know what will come of it.
And last year Anna & de Beestenband became a real book after all.
(Thanks to everyone who helped throughout this adventure.)

It gives some comfort that it all worked out, that Felix lived long enough to see its completion and in the meantime made more theatre productions than we would have thought possible. The memory of Felix will always have a positive and optimistic influence on me.

You can find more information at theatergroepflint.nl/

(Photos made by Bert van Heiningen, the drawings are early sketches for
Anna & de Beestenband, then still called: Op Wereldreis).

Felix Signeurt